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4 Tips For Making Your Kitchen More Kid-Friendly

The kitchen can be more than just a place to cook when you have a family. It can be a place to do homework, organize activities, and even spend time with your kids. Unfortunately, not every kitchen is suited for quality time with the family. If you are thinking of remodeling the space, here are some ideas for making your kitchen more kid-friendly. 

Install a Breakfast and Play Nook

If you and your little ones spend a great deal of time in the kitchen, the addition of a breakfast and play nook can give them a fun place to eat and play. In addition to having snack time, you can stock the nook with books, favorite toys, and paper and crayons so that they can stay entertained while you are working in the kitchen. You can even build a mini-kitchen for the kids so that they can get practice in cooking.  

Remember Safety Features

Depending on the age of your kids, the kitchen can be a dangerous place sometimes. You can make it safer for them to be in the room with the addition of safety features. For instance, you can install cabinets equipped with safety locks. You can also install the oven at a level that is out of reach of little ones. In addition to making sure your kids do not get accidentally burned, you can avoid the strain of bending over to use the oven if you place it higher.  

Look for Easy-to-Use Appliances

As your children grow older, they will want to do more tasks on their own, such as getting a drink or warming up a snack. To help encourage your children's independence, look for appliances that are easy-to-use. For instance, a microwave that has presets that feature favorite foods can allow your children to warm up their own food. You could also ensure the ice and water dispensers on the refrigerator are within reach.  

Opt for an Open Floor Plan

Small and crowded kitchens can make it difficult for you and your children to share the kitchen. While you are focusing on remodeling the kitchen, now is the time to consider an open floor plan. A larger area that has wider aisles can ensure that your children have the space needed to enjoy the kitchen while allowing you enough space to work. 

Consult with a local contractor, such as those found at Brown's Plumbing, to pinpoint other ways you can make your kitchen more kid-friendly.