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Three Things That Can Happen If City Plumbers Go On Strike And Don't Clean The Sewers

By now, you have probably heard about police force strikes, firefighter strikes, and even garbage collector strikes. The most insidious of these was the garbage strike in New York City, where the garbage collectors went on strike for over a month until an agreement was made regarding their pay and benefit contracts. Garbage piles lined the streets of New York City and it stunk so bad you could hardly breathe. Now imagine what happens when plumbers employed by the city go on strike and sewer cleaning grinds to a halt. If you sign the plumbers' paychecks, keep in mind these three things that could happen if the plumbers go on strike.

Build-up of Toxic and Flammable Gases

A sewer cleaning helps flush methane and other toxic and flammable gases out of the sewers and into places where they can be contained and/or repurposed. When the sewers remain "uncleaned," the gases build up. Then it just takes a single lit match and the right sewer opening to start an explosion of the built-up gases. At the very least, you would get an underground fire that would travel some distance through the city's sewer lines, even if you did not get a full-blown explosion.

Backed-up Sewage

Flushing the main drainage pipes is something the city plumbers do often to prevent a backup of raw sewage into homes and businesses. This flushing is part of the sewer cleaning process. No plumbers for a month or more means your city is looking at one potentially disgusting and smelly problem. At this point, with dozens of reports flowing in about what is flowing back, you may be inclined to give in to whatever demands the plumbers make, since they will have to be on overtime until all the pipes are flushed clean and clear.

Clogged Sewer "Arteries"

When you see a map of the sewer pipelines of your city, it looks a lot like a body with arteries and veins. You want to keep as many of the arteries completely clear because these are the pipelines through which all of the city's sewage is pumped and flowed away from the city's inhabitants. Clogged sewer arteries create untold problems for everyone because eventually nothing can get through, not even waste water. Unclogging and clearing these "arteries" is vital to the waste water treatment process too; everything that flows away to a waste treatment facility is converted back into the water everyone uses for drinking, bathing, and washing clothes and dishes. Therefore, you want to get the city's plumbers back to work as quickly as possible, or your city could become the next smelly strike debacle. 

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