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Ways To Keep Your Portable Toilet From Tipping Over In High Winds

Renting some portable toilets for an outdoor event on your property is a must, but you certainly want to be sure that that structure doesn't tip over as a result of high winds. This would cause a significant mess that could embarrass you and even put a damper on your gathering. While you should always ensure that your rented portable toilets are placed on level ground, there are some other methods that you can use to make them less susceptible to toppling over. Here are some methods to put in place for the stability of the toilets.

Find A Wind-Free Area

Although you might wish to have the rented portable toilets well away from where you and your guests are spending time, you should avoid placing them in an overly open area. Ideally, portable toilets should be set up in an area in which the gusts of wind aren't strong. If you have a garage, shed, or fence, placing the toilets along one of these structures is ideal. In this position, there won't be enough of a gust of wind to threaten knocking one of the toilets over.

Use The Supplied Spikes

When you rent a portable toilet, you'll typically also get a set of spikes that you're meant to use to secure the structure to the ground. Although these spikes can come in different styles, they're commonly long, nail-like devices. They slip through mounting holes at each of the exterior corners of the portable toilet and, when hit with a sledge hammer, slide down into the ground and hold the toilet in place. Using these spikes in addition to placing the rented portable toilets in an area that doesn't get much wind will make you feel secure that the toilets will be stable throughout the entirety of your event.

Opt For Some Ratchet Straps

If the ground on your property is too hard to allow you to hammer the spikes in deeply enough, a set of ratchet straps will be your ally. These long, canvas straps are equipped with a ratchet-style handle that allows you to tighten the strap significantly. Run a strap from one side of the toilet to something sturdy, such as a tree or a fence, and do the same on the other side. Then, crank the ratchet handle until the strap is taut; you should be able to flick the strap and hear a low-frequency hum, much like a stringed instrument. This simple approach will prevent the toilets from tipping over in high winds.

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