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Flushable Items That Should Never Be Flushed Into A Septic System

Have you had septic tank problems in the past? Have you recently had your holding tank pumped out? Well, now is the time to begin making changes to what you flush, so you won't have to worry about getting that tank pumped again for at least a few years. Here, you'll find a short list of the items that are advertised as flushable, but can really mess up your septic system.

Flushable Wipes

There are several different brands manufacturing flushable wipes, but not all of these flushable wipes are safe for use with septic systems. You see, when you flush a wipe, it ends up in the holding tank. The thick material that makes up the wipe makes it difficult for it to break down in the tank. Now, some of the better brands, like Cottonelle, have come a long way in manufacturing these wipes in a way that helps them break down in septic system.

So, if you must use wet wipes instead of, or in combination with your toilet paper, make sure to spend a little extra on the brands that actually break down in the septic tank.

Flushable Women's Hygiene Products

Nobody likes to have a trash can filled with the ugliness that plagues women each month, but you cannot send that stuff down into your septic system. Tampons, although advertised as flushable, will not break down in your septic tank – they will sink to the bottom and sit there until you have the tank pumped out.

The cardboard inserts are also marketed as flushable, but they may not even make it to the septic system before they begin causing problems. Yes, they are made of cardboard designed to break-down quickly, but they are prone to getting stuck in the drain pipes before they even reach the septic system.

Consider keeping a Diaper Genie in your bathroom to dispose of the women's products that you don't want in a traditional trash can.

Flushable Kitty Litter

Do not ever flush flushable kitty litter down your toilet. This product is meant for convenience, but it can be really inconvenient to have a clump of litter clog up your plumbing or stop the septic system from filtering it through. Always toss your used kitty litter in the trash – never the toilet.

Talk with y our local septic professional to learn more about protecting the septic system from the many marketed flushable items out there these days.