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Time For A New Toilet In Your House?

Generally, when your toilet gets clogged, you assume there is a wad of toilet paper causing the clog. You grab the plunger and go to work to free up the clog, not giving a second thought to the issue once you get everything to finally go down the toilet. However, when it comes time for you to get a new toilet, you will start to see some telltale signs that you won't want to ignore. Learn more about these signs by reading the information posted here.

Those clogs are happening more

If you start to notice the toilet is clogging much more than what would be considered normal, then it may be time to consider replacing your old toilet with a new one. Older-model toilets that are designed with low flush technology tend to clog more anyway, so replacing the toilet with one of newer technology will make a world of difference and will have your plunger getting dusty.

Your toilet has a weak flush

If it takes longer for your toilet to flush than it used to, the first thing you want to do is verify there isn't a partial clog. Take the plunger to the toilet and see if there is a clog you can free up. If there isn't a clog you can take care of this way, then this can be caused by the old and worn out parts. However, it can also be indicative of a sewer line issue, so don't rule this out either. If you have an old toilet anyway, then replacing it with a new one will be beneficial.

Your toilet runs more than a marathon runner

If your toilet runs and you are constantly getting up to go flick the handle to make it stop, then you have a damaged flapper. The good news is flappers are easy to replace, as well as inexpensive. If it isn't the flapper, it could also be the float. The float is another thing that's easy and inexpensive to take care of. However, if you have this issue happening with others, then you may be better off just replacing the toilet so you can put all your toilet concerns behind you. You don't want to ignore a toilet that continues to run because this can cost you a great deal more on your water bill.

You may be surprised by the many different types of toilets now available if you have had your toilet for many years. Do some research and choose the best toilet for your family's needs if you are going to be replacing yours. Once you've found a model that you like, reach out to a plumbing company, such as Quality Plumbing, to have it installed.