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5 Prime Examples Of Times To Call An Emergency Plumber For Your Hot Water Heater

You probably use this plumbing fixture every day, and it sure does make your life a lot easier to handle. The hot water heater has been a mainstay in the common home now for a lot of decades, and no one wants to be without hot water. However, there are some instances when problems with your water heater can be deemed as an all-out emergency. Take a look at a few good examples of situations when your water heater issue can be a reason to call for emergency plumbing repairs. 

Your hot water is so hot it's burning you. 

You turn on the tap as usual to wash your hands but the water is so hot that it practically burns your skin. This is a dangerous situation and not one that you should allow to sit idle. In some cases, this means the water inside the tank is getting too hot in spite of the temperature setting, which can lead to undue pressure and the potential for the tank to burst. 

You hear a hissing noise coming from your hot water heater. 

You hear an odd noise coming from your water heater; it seems to be hissing. This is a sign that pressure is escaping the pressure valve at a rapid pace, and there should never be that much pressure inside the tank. 

You see water leaking from the base of the water heater. 

Water leaking from the base of a water heater is never a good sign, and the problem can rapidly progress if you do not intervene. Water heaters have a lot of water inside the tank, and if all of this allowed to leak out, your home can actually be flooded. It's best to get a professional to come to your home to fix the situation right away. 

You find water spraying from the lines leading to the water heater. 

The water heater has plumbing lines that lead to the top of the tank that refill it as needed or as you use the water inside the tank. If these lines are leaking, it's important that you get someone to your home to take a look and make the necessary repairs as quickly as possible. Go ahead and shut off the main water valves to these lines if you can find them. The faster you do, the less water you will lose before the plumber gets to your home. 

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