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Becoming a Plumber

My name is Connor, and I want to guide you through the steps you must take to become a successful professional plumber. Working as a plumber does not require a college education, but many plumbers will tell you that the training they went through was much more challenging than time in a classroom. I'll take you through the basic steps of finding training as a plumber, working as an apprentice, becoming licensed and even starting your own plumbing business. Plumbing is lucrative work that many people find enjoyable and rewarding. Could you be a plumber? Read my blog to find out.


Three Must-Have Services For The Success Of Your Event

In order to be sure that you can have your next event go off without a hitch, you owe it to yourself to acquire the right materials, rentals and services that you need. Some examples of must have rentals include portable toilets, dumpster rentals and cleanup services. With this in the back of your head, use these guidelines so that you have everything that you need for your next event to be such a success. Read More 

Four Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Dishwasher

Having a dishwasher certainly comes in handy, especially after a big family meal. But when this appliance suddenly gives up the ghost, you can be left in a lurch with a counter full of dishes to wash by hand. You can prevent a lot of dishwasher problems by taking better care of this appliance. Here are four specific ways to do so. Install a water softener. If you have hard water in your area, arrange for your plumber to install a whole-home water softener in your basement. Read More 

3 Things To Know About Leaks In Copper Drain Lines

If your home has copper drain pipes and is relatively old, you might start experiencing leaks in these pipes at some point in time. While copper pipes can last a very long time, they can also wear out. Here are several things you should understand about copper drain pipes and the problems you can experience with them. How They Corrode Copper pipes were commonly used in homes years ago and are still used today; however, a lot of plumbers now use plastic pipes instead. Read More 

3 Important Reasons To Always Hire A Professional To Service Your Water Well Pump

Have you recently moved to a home with a well, rather than a municipal city system? Are you hoping that this means that you'll be able to contend with any water problems that might arise and not have to rely on outside help? While having your own water well does give you more freedom and control, especially in the form of not having a monthly water bill, there are still a variety of reasons why you should leave the servicing of your well to professionals like County Pump & Supply Co. Read More